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We’re still developing PriceObjective. You selected a utility () not currently supported. However, we can still help you develop a custom approach to energy purchasing. Enter your info below and we’ll get back to you within 2 business days.
PriceObjective is ideal for commercial and industrial clients in certain geographies within the same utility who are looking for a predictable fixed price.

We have determined this may not fully describe you.

However, we'd love the chance to get to you know your energy needs better to see if a more customized approach might work.

Be a Price-Maker with PriceObjective

PriceObjective is a unique service from EnergyObjective that allows you to be a price-maker, not a price-taker. With PriceObjective, you choose your own price for electricity and we find it for you. There’s no obligation, you can change your desired rate at any time, and you can tell us to stop looking at any time.

The free tool below gives you an initial estimate of how likely you are to attain your chosen price. If you like what you find, our team can get to work on locking in that price for you.

Ready to get your dream price for electricity? Let’s go!

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Your Initial Statistical Chance indicates that you have a % chance of reaching your targeted PriceObjective. With better information, we can provide an Informed Statistical Chance. In order to prepare an Informed Statistical Chance, we need to know more about your business – how and when you use electricity, and for what purpose.

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